West Texas Junior Champions Tour

Collegiate Tour

Eligible Players:

College players ages 18-24, as defined by the USGA and/or the NCAA. Players who have not yet graduated high school are not eligible to play in the Collegiate Division.

If a graduated high school senior wishes to play in the Collegiate Division, he/she will not be eligible to play in the junior divisions. If the eligible graduated high school senior has already paid the current seasons Tour Membership and wishes to play in the Collegiate Division, the WTJCT will issue that membership fee as a credit to be applied to any Collegiate Division event.

(Please note that any graduating senior that has applied for the Will Long Memorial Scholarship MUST be a current Tour Member and will not be eligible to play in the Collegiate Division)

What It Is:

The owners and staff of the WTJCT understand how it can be difficult for college age players to find affordable competition during the summer months. We are providing an avenue for players to come out and compete in single & two day events to keep sharp in the off season. The WTJCT Collegiate Divisions will be competing for gift cards/certificates. The divisions will be added on to our normal WTJCT schedule. This means you will be at the same venue and event as the rest of our junior players, but not competing with them.


Each collegiate division will be competing for gift cards/certificates. This will be based on a scale depending on the number of participants. The scale is mentioned below:

3-5 Players: Winner Take All
6-8 Players: 1st & 2nd Awarded (70%, 30%)
9+ Players: 1st, 2nd & 3rd Awarded (60%, 30%, 10%)

Season End Points Winner:

College division players will earn points for each event they compete in. The final points winner at the end of the summer collegiate events will win a $200 gift card!*

*Point leader must have played in at least 2 collegiate events for the current season


Starting April 1st, 2020, a membership will be required for college division players.

Collegiate Tour Membership: $35
Single Day Events Collegiate Division: $45

West Texas Junior Open Collegiate Division: $110

To Register:

Previous Tour Players:
If you have played on the WTJCT previously, you may use the same login information to register for tournaments.

New Players:
If you have not played with the WTJCT in the past, you will click on the "Instructions" Tab at the top of the website to sign up for a free account. You will have to register as a "parent" then add yourself as a "player". Once you have created your player, you can go to the "Tour" tab at the top and click on Tournaments. From there you may select the events you wish to sign up for.

Walk Ups:
There will be NO walk-ups for the Collegiate Division at any event. Registration for all Collegiate Division events will cut off 48 hours before the event, no exceptions. Players may pay online or pay at the event.

In order to accommodate juniors and college players at our events, the cut off for the Collegiate Division will be a max of 20 players total. Once the max has been reached, any players who register after capacity will go on a wait list. It will be the Tournament Directors decision to dictate how many spots may or may not be opened up for additional Collegiate Division players depending on the size of the total field for that venue.

Rules & Regulations:

1. USGA & NCAA rules will apply at all events.
2. No stroke limit for the Collegiate Division.
3. The use of any tobacco products/alcohol/drugs will be strictly prohibited.
4. The use of iPods/music/speakers will be strictly prohibited.
5. Proper dress code is required at all times. No jeans, cut offs, tank tops or t-shirts will be allowed.
6. Caddies are not allowed, and parents/spectators will not be allowed to talk/coach the players at any point during the round.
7. Players will walk at all events, and have the option to carry their bag or use a push cart.

Conduct Policy:

As a reminder, you are a legal adult. You shall conduct yourself in a responsible and respectful manner at all times. The WTJCT prides itself on proper etiquette and sportsmanship throughout all of our players, and this extends to our Collegiate Division.
Any form of misconduct or violation of the Rules & Regulations will be handled based on its severity. Any decisions made will be at the sole discretion of the WTJCT.


Course Yardages/Division Details:



# of Holes

Total Yardage

Typical Tees


Women’s Collegiate Division

18 Holes

5,600-6,100 yards

Middle Men’s Tees

Not Allowed*

Men’s Collegiate Division

18 Holes

6,700 yards +

Back Men’s Tees/ Tips

Not Allowed*

*Caddies will be allowed for the West Texas Open