West Texas Junior Champions Tour

Point System

Players will earn points for each event they compete in. At the end of the season, the top 15 point earners and ties in each age division will receive an invitation to the Tour Championship. 

Points will be awarded to current season members only. If you join the same day as event played we will award points for that event and future ones.


**The Point System starts at the very first event of the year (The New Year Classic) and concludes at the last event before the Tour Championship**

Point System

1st 20 Pts
2nd 15 Pts
3rd 10 Pts
4th 8 Pts
5th 7 Pts
6th-10th 6 Pts
11th-15th 5 Pts
16th-20th 4 Pts
21st-25th 3 Pts
26th-30th 2 Pts
31st-and beyond 1 Pt