West Texas Junior Champions Tour


Tour Rules & Policies 


USGA Rules:

All events are governed by the USGA Rules of Golf. Players must have at least a general understanding of the rules of golf when they play in an event. Because we are limited in monitoring ALL play during an event, it is a players responsibility to know the general rules. If a player is ever in doubt of how to proceed, we ask the players to play 2 golf balls and ask the tournament staff for rules clarification before signing scorecards. (Rule 20.1c)


Stroke Limit:
The UIL 9 stroke limit is enforced at every event.


Cell Phones/Electronic Devices:
Players must NOT use cell phones or any other electronic devices (iPods, MP3, etc) during a tournament round. Emergencies and urgent rules questions will be the only time a cell phone may be used.


GPS Devices/Devices Measuring Slope:
Devices measuring more then distance will not be permitted.


In the event of a tie (for the top 3 places), players will participate in a sudden death playoff on the course (If possible). If time or availability of the golf course does not allow it, there will be an alternative form of a playoff. If a player is not present for a playoff, it will be considered an automatic forfeit.

Rule Decisions/Rules Committee:
All rule decisions and discrepancies will be decided by the designated tournament staff ONLY. Parents/spectators/caddies are NOT responsible for making rule decisions and should refrain from doing so. If a question ever arises on the course the player may play 2 balls and ask the tournament staff when possible. We do this to eliminate the problem of a parent/spectator issuing a wrong ruling that could cost the players score in the end.


Pace of Play:
Players will be expected to stay within the guidelines of the designated pace, indicated on their scorecard at each event. Under the USGA rules, each player has 40 seconds to hit their shot once it is their turn in play. If a group falls out of pace, warnings will be given the first 2 notices, and if a 3rd notice is required, individual timing and penalty strokes may be issued.

Warning System: 1st warning will be the WTJCT staff alerting the group that they have fallen off pace, and they will receive an X amount of time or holes to catch back up. 2nd warning will be alerting the group they have received their 2nd warning on their pace, and will receive another set amount of time to catch back up. 3rd warning will result in individual timing of players and penalty strokes.


Caddies are ONLY permitted for ages 12 and under.*

Caddies will be allowed to assist their player by carrying their golf clubs, assisting in yardages and club selections, determining a course of play, advice and all other caddie duties.

Under WTJCT Tour Policy, caddies in the 12 and under divisions WILL be allowed to assist their players in alignment for each shot. Caddies are still not permitted to physically adjust a player for alignment, and caddies are not allowed to stand directly behind a player during a stroke.

*Caddies are allowed for ALL age divisions during the West Texas Junior Open and the Tour Championship.


Rules for Parents/Spectators ages 13-18

Parents and/or spectators are allowed to coach/motivate/encourage their players in between play of holes ONLY for ages 13-18. While the player is playing a hole, parents/spectators must maintain a respectable distance (staying to the cart path, rough, etc). They may not give any advice, rules decisions or tips during the play of a hole. Parents/spectators may assist in search of any players golf ball, but in the case a rules decision needs to be made we ask they refrain from assisting and call upon a WTJCT Staff Member/Rules Official.


Players will receive their official scorecard at the start of each round and must trade scorecards with their group members upon arriving to their first hole. Players are only responsible for their hole by hole score, not total. Before turning in scorecards, each card must have 2 signatures (player and person who kept players score). Adding up the totals is not required.

6-7 & 8-9 Division:
Caddies may assist the players by tracking their score during the hole, writing the scores down and double checking with the other players/caddies in the group at the end of the round. The player will still be responsible for signing their scorecard and their competitors scorecard. We encourage these divisions to allow the players at the end of the round to call out their scores/competitors scores to their playing partners for learning purposes.

10-12 Boys & Girls:
Players should write down the scores and keep track of their score/playing partners scores themselves. Caddies are encouraged to help keep track of shots during the hole if needed. At the end of the round, we encourage players to double check their scores with their playing partners and caddies to only assist when needed.

13+ Divisions:
No assistance will be allowed from parents/spectators in score keeping. Any questions about a scorecard may only be decided within the group or with the tournament staff.

Dress Code:
No jeans/denim, athletic shorts/gear, cut-offs or t-shirts will be allowed.

All players need to wear collared golf shirts or golf mocks and nice shorts or slacks. Girls need to make sure that shorts and skirts are appropriate lengths.

Dress code applies to ALL golf courses on the WTJCT schedule.

All WTJCT players are expected to display proper golf etiquette and knowledge of the rules of golf at all times during tournament play. Appropriate behavior at all golf courses will be expected.

WTJCT Code of Conduct:
The WTJCT prides itself in the quality of our players. We ask that our players follow and respect our guidelines in order to make every persons experience enjoyable and memorable. We issue this so players can continue to grow as athletes and as respectable young adults.

Violations of the Code of Conduct:

  •  Unsportsmanlike Conduct including but not limited to:
    •  Abusive language, cheating, club throwing, disrespect to tournament staff, golf course staff, officials or fellow competitors and abuse to golf course property.
  •  Not adhering to dress code
  •  Use or association of drugs/alcohol, smoking or chewing tobacco products.
  •  Abusive behavior to any competitors

Code of Conduct Violation Penalties:
Any breach of our Code of Conduct will result in a letter written to the player and/or their parent. The penalty of the breach will depend on the severity and frequency and is at the sole discretion of the WTJCT.


Inclement Weather Policy:
In case of inclement weather, the staff will blow an air horn with 2 long blasts, indicating players need to mark their golf balls and proceed to the nearest shelter. We will always try and complete a round if it is possible, but any decision on that will be made at the tournament site by the Tournament Director.

We will get in as many holes as possible to score. Once the tournament has started, no refunds will be issued due to commitments to golf courses. 

If the tournament gets cancelled due to weather, we will notify the players before the event if possible. If the event gets rescheduled, players entry will carry over to the new date. If the player wishes not to play on the new date, their entry will be refunded or credited to another event.